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Technical & Design
Related Roles

This category of roles are responsible for creating and managing design solutions that:

- Enhance the Community

- Are fit for the user

- Meet the client's need

- Meet Industry Regulations 


For most Designer's, whether it's incorporating the latest in energy efficient technologies into designs or creating sustainable communities, innovation and design excellence for project designs is always an aim! Construction Companies can employ a range of specialists within their Technical department including Design/Technical Managers, Design Engineers, Engineering Managers and Architectural Technicians.

Most Construction companies aim to provide practical, cost-effective and also an aesthetically desirable projects. Their Technical Department is involved in all the company’s developments from inception through to completion. This can include  involvement in the pre-purchase site evaluations, the preparation & submission of planning applications, engineering & architectural design and project completion handover phase.


To familiarise yourself and spark your interest, hover over some of the Technical & Design related roles below. These are also roles you can add to your personal career plan and make a Personal Development Plan (PDP) on how to get there!

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They design buildings and spaces within our community. Through their work they restore or renovate existing buildings and spaces or create new ones!


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They create 2D and 3D designs of a construction projects. This requires them to work closely with architectural teams and offer technical advice during the design process.

Architectural Technician/Technologist

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They oversee and manage the BIM creation and development process throughout a construction projects life cycle. It's their role to ensure BIM models, drawings and data are up to date and accessible to the client’s team, design team, contractor team and supply chain.

BIM Coordinator/Manager

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Through BIM modelling technology they create a digital representation of a building or civil engineering project and how it will function. In order to do this, they use information spread across multiple design drawings.

BIM Technician

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They use to CAD softrware to produce 2D/3D drawings that bring a project to life! Whether they're working on buildings, machinery or component parts, they produce technical diagrams for Architects, Engineers and other construction related specialists.

CAD (Computer Aided Design) Technician

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Their role is to visually create photo-realistic 3D images or animations of a proposed construction project. Alongside their creativity, they'll use drawing plans, architectural illustrations and other reference materials in order to model functional and attractive 3D perspectives of the project.

3D Visualiser

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They design roads, bridges, tunnels, railways, dams, buildings and other large structures! Using information from site surveys, tests and maps, they produce drawing plans for the project they're designing.

Civil Engineer

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They Manage and coordinate the technical aspects of a project during the design and construction life cycle. This includes overseeing design consultants and specialist designers drawings, Local Authority approvals and building regulation compliance.

Design Manager/Technical Coordinator

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They manage project documents such as drawings and reports from designer consultants, specialist sub-contractors and site surveyors. This is usually done through a portal where they ensure that correct project information is received and shared on time to various people within the project team. 

Document Controller

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They design the layout and material finishes of internal spaces within a building or structure. Through their creativity they make interior spaces aesthetically beautiful, functional and safe by determining space requirements and selecting decorative items (colours, lighting, materials etc.)

Interior Designer

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They plan and oversee the design and development of outdoor areas around buildings and structures. These outdoor areas include gardens, communal podiums and recreational areas.

Landscape Architect

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They plan, design and manage the construction of new buildings, bridges and other structures. The structural frame of a building keeps it stable so their role ensures that structures are durable and safe with the right structural materials being used!

Structural Engineer

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For construction projects, they design and develop electrical systems and components to required specifications. Their role gets them involved in all stages of a project's life cycle to ensure all systems and components used are efficient, safe, reliable and sustainable.

Electrical Engineer

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They design the mechanical services within a building and propose compliant products ranging from small mechanical components to large plant and machinery. They ensure that the ventilation, heating, cooling, fire prevention and water systems within a building project work and meet health and safety regulations.

Mechanical Engineer

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They ensure roads are designed and built to good condition. Duties range from undertaking site surveys to preparing design specifications, organising deliverable packages and much more.

Highway Engineer

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Through your designs and ongoing advice, you make sure that buildings are designed in a way that reduces the risk of fire or the fire spreading. This helps protect users of the building and helps ensure that the project meet industry codes and legislative requirements.

Fire Engineer

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Not yet sure on what to pick? Browse through some roles within other categories such as

Pre-Construction, Site Investigation & Geotechnical, Site Operations, Trades, Commercial and Business Operations.

They provide a range of acoustic, noise and sound services which include surveys, assessments, acoustic design and building advice for buildings and their internal spaces.

Acoustic Consultant

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They support Structural Engineering through different projects to assess whether building plans and materials are suitable. Their role involves a range of tasks from producing engineering drawings using AutoCAD software to  calculating structure component load and stresses.

Structural Technician

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