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Nominate Someone for HERStories Series 3!

We're looking for diverse women who are either working in Junior - Senior career roles or are running their own SMEs across Construction & Built Environment careers! We spotlight these ladies to help enlighten & encourage other upcoming women who are journeying down their career path.


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Karyna Enahoro 1.jpeg

Karyna Enahoro, London UK

Architectural Designer.

““Don’t be intimidated by stereotypes. There is a place for everyone in the construction industry. Master your craft and create your own reality!”


Sian Mullings, London UK

Project Manager.

“ My role is also flexible! I'm not just desk based I’m able to get around a lot traveling around the UK to different cities and towns, depending on where my project is located.”

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Janet Osei-Berchie, London UK

Design Manager & Co-Founder of BWA Network.

“I have learnt that there is an abundance of opportunities for women in the industry. In my current position I feel greatly supported by my directors and team to progress to the best I can be, regardless of my gender.”

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Eashita Saxena, Bangalore India

Architect & Sustainability Designer.

“Besides my routine responsibilities as an architect, I enjoy venturing into areas that push me beyond the conventional role of an architect.”

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Emma Ramell, London UK

 Policy and External Affairs Manager.

"I’m lucky that I get to meet people from a range of professions – everyone from Members of Parliament and company CEOs to those on the front line of delivering new homes such as planners, technical experts and apprentices."


Deborah Ogbiru, London UK

Assistant Quantity Surveyor.

“I find it quite exciting to be a construction professional, not defined by the stereotypes but breaking boundaries and taking over this territory.”

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Savannah Williams, London UK

Architect & Founder of POC in Architecture.

“I feel proud to be a young woman in this industry, especially a woman of colour, there are not many
of us and it feels
empowering to know I am within the sector as much as anyone else


Kayla Browne, London UK

Site Engineer.

“Imagine walking across  a bridge, taking a train journey or driving over something you were a part of constructing.”


Hlalefo Moletsane, Rustenburg South Africa

Town and Regional Planner.

“Lack of adequate housing is one of the biggest challenges in South Africa and knowing that I play a part in changing people’s lives like that is very satisfying.”

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Jade Robinson-Okonyia, London UK

Quantity Surveyor (Cost Manager) & Founder of MyMental.

“We essentially are a part of shaping our surroundings and the surroundings of future generations.”

Mandy Youssef_edited.jpg

Mandy Youssef, London UK

Senior Fire Engineer.

“Aside from being an Engineer, I regularly attend universities, schools, and primary schools to increase exposure to the younger generation. It is vital we illustrate the representation of the Engineering industry to make it more appealing.”


Verena Fernandes, London UK

Senior Civil Engineer.

“Tell yourself you belong, even if you don’t feel it. I spent years questioning if would ever fit in in this environment and if I was really made for this.”

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Sarah Martins, London UK

Project Manager.

“You have to be able to assert yourself and not take a passive stance. Make sure your voice is being heard, contribute to conversations, don’t be afraid to ask questions and challenge perspectives.”


Lea Fadel, London UK

Design Coordinator.

Challenge the gender bias that is still found in the industry with your dedication & hard work. Prove to the world that a women can be successful in any industry despite all the discrimination that they face.”


Keziah Acquaye, London UK

Assistant Commercial Manager.

“Finding a good community within other women in the industry has really provided me with a support network.”

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Tendai Mugumbate Headshot_edited.jpg

Tendai Mugumbate, London UK

Senior Associate.

“I wish I had entered the industry a lot sooner than I did. There is so much room for progression and as an industry that lags in innovation, there’s so much scope for technological developments.”


Siroun Button, London UK

Assistant Development Manager.

“I fell in love with the built environment from 16 as a result of joining the London Legacy Development Corporation (LLDC) Youth Panel in 2013.”


Toyosi Kukoyi, London UK

Interior Architect.

“The industry is about consulting and making sure we are creating functional and sustainable buildings.”

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Zainab Adigun, London UK

Senior Structural Engineer & Executive Board member at AFBE-UK.

“Ladies, YOU CAN DO IT!”


Celeste Lamondin, Ontario Canada

Brick + Stone Mason Apprentice.

“It’s amazing to learn about history like this and incorporate it into maintaining the building's heritage while restoring it.”


Leah Miller, UK

Property Developer

“I like the fact that my role allows me to be creative. We can take old buildings and really flip them around.”

"The success of every woman should be the inspiration to another. We should raise each other up"

~ Serena Williams

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Enass Mahmoud, London UK

Interior Designer

“Interior design is personal; you have to get to know the client.”


Celine Kayrouz, London UK

Construction Site Manager

“I guess that’s one of the amazing things about the Construction Industry - the end product that we collectively work on is for the people.”


Eniola Olaribigbe, London UK

Assistant Development Manager

“There is so much more to the industry than the standard roles advertised from a young age and there is something for everyone.”

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Najwa Jawahar, BEng (Hons_edited_edited.jpg

Najwa Jawahar, Leeds UK

Associate Structural Engineer

Until you have a go at it yourself, you wouldn't know whether you enjoy being an Engineer or not.”


Deborah Dennis, Ghana Africa


“Personally, I find Architecture to be a way of solving social, mental and environmental issues.”

Sofia 7151_edited.jpg

Sofia Noor, London UK

Site Manager

“I enjoy problem solving and as a Site Manager it’s what we do.”

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Judith Onuh, Hampshire UK

Principle Planner

“It is an exciting time to be a woman in planning, there are so many different avenues the profession can take you.”


Anisa Koci, Portsmouth UK

Senior Project Manager

“Be persistent in your passion and what you want to do. Take what you have a passion for and use it to drive your career and interests.”


Adina Bailey, Solihull UK

Graduate Trainee

“If there is a space that you see for yourself - go in and embrace it. Even if the space hasn’t already been made, you have the ability to create it and make of it what you want.”

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Aurelie Press Shot 2_edited_edited.jpg

Aurelie Tshiama London UK

Interior Designer

“ Be confident in your talent and what you can bring to the table.”

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Giusy Adekunbi, London UK

Assistant Design Manager

Learn as much as you can from people around you at work, but also give yourself time.”

EH 4_edited_edited.jpg

Etienne Hodge, Nottingham UK

Graduate Site Engineer

“Working in infrastructure allows you to enhance and develop communities, cities, and local businesses.”

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Rea Laudat_edited_edited_edited.jpg

Rea Laudat, London UK

Interior Designer

“It’s amazing to constantly have the opportunity to see the transformation of designs from paper or digital format through to real-life design."

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