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The Collective of

Relatable Inspiring women

across the Construction Industry.


For aspiring Young Women, Students, Apprentices, Graduates, Working Professionals & Entrepreneurs.


"Collectively as a new community we can help Pioneer change within the Industry."



Our Community Network is vital to us. So far, we have a number of diverse young women who share the same passion for disciplines within Construction!


Joining us means  you’ll also get access to our curated socials & networking events, GUC Products, industry updates and more. 

Joining our Community Network is simple and straightforward! Just fill the form below:

Would you like to become a GUC Ambassador? Through our opportunities, you’ll engage with young women in the UK and abroad from virtual career sessions to annual events, schools programmes, educational resources and other initiatives.

Welcome to the Collective!

We're happy to be supporting you :)

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