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A lot of young women are misinformed about the Construction Industry, hence mistakenly assuming what it's about. Our platform is a hub of information that simply explains what construction is and the roles available! We also provide information on the educational routes into the industry for anyone who doesn’t know where to start.

What is Construction?

Construction made simple.

The process of Construction has many stages which you can explore. Have a look through each stage to discover which area you like!


Not sure which role to choose?

There are many career roles which we've explained simply to help you make your decision.

Not sure which route to take?

Explore our advice below to help you choose the best route for your career goal.

Red Building
School Student

Alongside our  hub of information, we provide  curated school programmes and industry insight opportunities to educate and expose young women of different ages to the industry. Discover our programmes & initiatives below.

Get Involved.

Individually we can only do so much, but as a collective we can Pioneer change within the Industry.

Let's change the narrative together.

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