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GUC Partnerships

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Partnerships that collectively drive practical
change across the Industry for diverse young women.

See our Alliance Partnerships and Social Value Outreach Delivery Partnerships below.

Alliance Partnerships

Our aim is to ensure young girls and women are aware from young on career, training and employment opportunities. We also aim to provide our vast network of young diverse women the best opportunities for development in their chosen career area across the Built Environment. We have 3 types of Alliance Partnerships:

1. Industry Professional Bodies/Institutions

This partnership is for industry institutions who share our mission in their industry space/sector. If you're looking to support your female student / graduate / working professional members across the Construction Industry, this partnership is for you.

2. Organisations, Unincorporated Associations (e.g. a platform or group) or Social Enterprises (Charity, CIO, CIC or Limited Company)

This partnership is for organisations, platforms or charities who share our mission in their industry space/sector! Organisations or platforms across the industry have different focuses’ and services they provide. We want to collaborate with you to help support our diverse array of young women into their career discipline.

3. Educational Institution Alliance Partnerships (EIAP) 

This Partnership is for schools, colleges and universities. Becoming a GUC EIAP is free and also means that your school will hear of our ACCESS4HER industry opportunities first and your students will have the opportunity to apply before we reach out to other schools. These opportunities range from insight days to Work Experience days, Design / Construction innovation competitions, building tours, industry events and more!


Current Alliance Partners

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Social Value Outreach Delivery Partnership

Our engagement encourages + equips young women into their careers across Construction & the Built Environment.


Would you would like us to become your Social Value Outreach Delivery Partner to encourage more young women into the industry?


This involves us helping to create relatable industry experiences for young women in the form of industry career related sessions, workshops, activities, insight initiatives, programmes and networking events.  


We can also engage with Schools/Colleges/Universities on your behalf with our GUC Ambassadors to deliver engaging sessions / workshops / activities best suited for their career stage - this can be in person or virtual. 

We've Partnered with...

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