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We believe that inspiration comes from exposure, so one way we aim to change the current perceptions about the industry is through providing relatable examples and role models. There's a lack of reachable young female examples within Construction who are thriving in their positions. Through Inspire we aim to provide it.

We also have a network of GUC Ambassadors who are the role models we involve in any industry insight opportunities we create or participate in. Their diverse background's and journeys help to inspire the various women we encounter!

HERStories showcases women within all areas of Construction such as Architecture, Engineering, Interior Design, Project Management, Quantity Surveying, Site Management, Trades (Bricklaying, Plumbing)etc. One ongoing problem within the Construction Industry is the lack of visible relatable female examples - especially from the BAME community. Through sharing these inspiring ladies journeys and advice with younger women, we hope to inspire and encourage careers within the industry.

Our Women In Senior series highlight's women in senior positions across the industry!

HERConversations Blog provides a platform for students, graduates and other young professionals to write about the Industry, work experiences, university course experiences/advice etc. Browse through our latest posts below!

Karyna Enahoro 1_edited.jpg

Architectural Designer

London, UK

Get Involved.

Individually we can only do so much, but as a collective we can Pioneer change within the Industry.

Let's change the narrative together.

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