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Learning is a Journey

Journey with us into Construction

To ''construct'' means ''to build'' something.

Construction is simply the process of building. To help you understand the type of projects built within the Industry, read each category below to find out more:



Houses, Apartment Buildings, Residential homes, Commercial Skyscrapers, Shopping Centres, Office Buildings, Schools, Hospitals, Warehouses, Factories etc. Each type mentioned above requires different materials to meet its use and the people who will use it. Every building type must be designed to be safe for the user!
Highway Bridges_edited.jpg


Roads, Railways, Dams, Bridges, Water Distribution and Purification Systems.
This category of construction is very important for national development, as it links people to cities, towns, and other countries. It also provides access for essential daily items and deliveries across cities for the people.


Refineries, Pipelines, Power Utilities, Manufacturing Plants
and Telecommunication Infrastructure.

Construction's impact on Our Community

You may not realise it, but Construction makes important and valuable contributions to your everyday life! To make it more personal, see the places below created through Construction:



Cinemas, Theatres, Leisure Centres.

Modern Living Room_edited_edited.jpg


Houses, Apartments, Flats, Hotels.



Schools, Museums, Cathedrals & other Historical/Cultural Buildings.

Working With Headphones_edited.jpg


Office Buildings and other work venues.

jordan-nix-4Hmj9gkyM6c-unsplash (1)_edited_edited.jpg


Shopping Centres, Shops and Restaurants.



Roads, Tunnels, Bridges and Airports

Communities also benefit from construction because it builds infrastructure to supply clean water, waste management, flood defence systems and improved transportation systems. Construction companies - working to build some of the buildings mentioned above - have a commitment to local residents e.g. allowing them to visit the construction site or renovating a local community garden.

Construction is an ever-evolving Industry. Modern developments use some of the latest technology, ranging from Building Information Modelling (BIM) and Computer Aided Design (CAD) to even nanotechnology - this itself has created further career roles for people!

Construction careers are focused on green technologies and sustainability, ensuring the environment is protected during the building process.


Not sure where to start?

There are many roles available within Construction - take a look at our Roles page for more insight.

You can explore some of the route options on our
Routes into the Industry guidance to learn about how to get into the industry via training, apprenticeships or work experience!

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