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What made you want to become an Assistant Project Manager?

I wanted to become a Project manager because of how multifaceted the role is. My job role involves working with many key work subcontractors and also managing packages of project completion work involved in a project. I didn’t always know I wanted to end up as a construction Project manager, I just knew that I wanted to end up in a role where there was diversity in my day to day life. 

What route did you take to becoming an Assistant Project Manager? 

I actually studied Law at a bachelors level and so didn’t take the academic route into my construction related job. If you are like me and you also want to move into a construction related role, go through the route of getting a construction related degree / courses (such as apprenticeships and even graduate schemes!). They really give you insight into the industry and roles available.

The Reality: what does your role actually involve and how does your work affect our lives/the world around us?

My role is to plan out a project from start to finish whilst considering costs involved and construction work needed to finish the project on time and in budget!. My job affects the world around us because I am a part of building projects which look amazing aesthetically and are fit for purpose. I am a part of shaping the buildings around us. 

"The best thing I like about my role is the fact that That not every day is the same. Some days are super busy and then, some days are calmer and smooth running - there’s a good balance. Everyday also comes with a new problem to solve which are opportunities for me to learn and helps me to become a better Project Manager each time."


Challenges are inevitable. What are some challenges you personally face at work?

I face being ambitious in environments that may not always encourage my progression. To this I say, if you believe you can do something don’t wait for anyone's stamp of approval, go out, take the steps and complete the goal you set out for yourself. It’s more important to take that leap of faith than to delay it or never try at all. 

What is it like to be a young woman working in your career area?

Overall it has been positive, I am able to be in an environment that allows for me to learn and absorb so much new information. And I get to complete and be a part of great projects which I am keen to do.  People for the most part, (especially if we have had no interaction i.e. over the phone or email) are surprised that I am a Project manager. However this is down to the sheer fact that women in construction take up around 12% of the space, this matters because it still isn’t the norm for women to participate in these roles. My advice to any young woman thinking about a career in my role would be:

"You have to be able to assert yourself and not take a passive stance. Make sure your voice is being heard, contribute to conversations, don’t be afraid to ask questions and challenge perspectives. It’s only when we make mistakes we are able to learn and if you’re not being present in the project or journey you’ll be worse off in the future. So be loud and proud especially being a junior as this role warrants this type of characteristic."

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Sarah Martins


White Brick Wall

You have to be able to assert yourself and not take a passive stance. Make sure your voice is being heard, contribute to conversations, don’t be afraid to ask questions and challenge perspectives.”

Hey Ladies, my name is Sarah Martins and I’m a 25 year old Assistant Project Manager at BECK. I’ve been a young woman in Construction for 4 years now and I am currently developing key skills and tools to become an industry leader in construction.


My main aim is to collaborate with key initiatives which push for a better and a more diverse industry. 

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