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White Brick Wall

Did you always know what you wanted to do?

Honestly I learned about Town Planning for the first time when I was going through the university prospectus when it was time to start applying for university. When I read through the description of the course it seemed like something I would enjoy particularly because it has a design element. I am a creative person and I love that it feeds into that part of me. 

I was not always sure what I wanted to be. I had a phase where I wanted to be a TV or radio presenter. I’m not sure how that would’ve turned out but I’m so glad I chose Town Planning. I did a Bachelor of Science in Urban & Regional subjects. I also did a few short courses on project management and township establishment. These all helped me to get my foot into the industry.

How does your work affect people’s lives and the world around us?

A big part of town planning is planning for the development of big housing projects. Lack of adequate housing is one of the biggest challenges in South Africa and knowing that I play a part in changing people’s lives like that is very satisfying. Sustainable Town Planning ensures that economic opportunities are created and at the same time that the environment is protected. 

I've picked up some key skills whilst being in the industry such as Analytical skills, Decision-making skills and practical project Management. The best thing I love about my role is definitely the tough decision-making! I like coming across a challenging situation and having to make a decision on how to best solve it. 

What is it like being a woman in your role, especially in South Africa?

It is way better than what I expected. In most cases males are given high management positions easier, so as a woman you have to really fight for a management position, although I have not been in that position yet but I can already see that I will have to put in 3X the effort. South Africa is however putting in efforts to improve gender equality in most industries. 

"My advice to any young woman wanting to grow into my role is Go for it! Just make sure you are passionate because it can get quite frustrating if there is no passion and excitement towards your work. The quality of the work you produce also highly depends on how much you enjoy doing it so be absolutely certain that you will put your heart into it."

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Hlalefo Moletsane


White Brick Wall

 Lack of adequate housing is one of the biggest challenges in South Africa and knowing that I play a part in changing people’s lives like that is very satisfying.”

Hey Ladies, my name is Hlalefo Moletsane (Lefo), I'm 25 years old and I’m a Town & Regional Planner at the Infrastructure Support Agency in Rustenburg, South Africa.

I was born and raised in South Africa and I’ve been in the industry for nearly 3 years now.

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