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Related Roles

These roles  prepare a project for building work on site. Most of these roles will work together to complete tasks and activities that must happen before construction work begins on a site.

Construction Site

To familiarise yourself and spark your interest, hover over some of the Pre-Construction related roles below:

You’ll work on developing and delivering projects which support business start-ups, business growth, the creation of new jobs, the development of new skills and neighbourhood regeneration.  Community development is the aim so you’ll help to identify problems, assess and sometimes implement the solutions.

Regeneration Officer

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The projects you work on are created to improve and revive local areas or buildings. You’re responsible for the preparation of a development project. This includes identifying and developing new innovative approaches to deliver project’s and improve communities.

Development Manager

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You manage the planning of projects before construction on site begins. This included estimating costs of construction, participating in design decisions, value engineering and analysis, sequence programming and more. 

Pre-Construction Manager

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You search for potential sites for building projects before purchasing land that is suitable for the project. Before purchase, you’ll have to consider whether planning permission is required and whether there are any restrictions on what can be built.

Land Buyer

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You basically manage all contracts relating to building projects including design consultant and subcontractor contracts. This involves studying legal rules of contracts and helping to negotiate terms and conditions with the client before drawing up legal documents to outline terms of services and project aims.

Contracts Manager

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You’re responsible for the design & development of towns and cities. Through your role you help communities, companies and politicians to decide on the best way to use land and buildings. 

Town Planner

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You oversee the preparation and submission of detailed documents and tenders that Construction companies submit to win new Project contracts!

Bid Manager

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You’re responsible for assessing the quality of residential, public and commercial buildings. Through your role you examine the condition of buildings and advise on ways to improve them. You also advise Architects and builders on maintenance procedures, keeping safety standards high and more.

Building Surveyor

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Your role is key in assisting the delivery of tender bids. You build strong relationships with key stakeholders such as Housing Associations, Local Authorities, Employers Agents etc. These relationships help construction companies to obtain partnering opportunities for new developments

Partnerships Manager

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You calculate how much a project will cost considering labour, material and equipment requirements. You obtain quotes from suppliers and subcontractors to understand the project cost and you use this information to create detailed project cost proposals.


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These are roles you can add to your personal career plan and make a Personal Development Plan (PDP) on how to get there. If you want our help on this, click here!


Not yet sure on what to pick? Browse through roles within other categories such as Technical & Design, Site Investigation & Geotechnical, Site Operations, Trades, Commercial and Business Operations.

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