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Site Operations
Related Roles

These roles gear in full motion once the project finally moves from a CAD drawing to site! Site operation roles are meant to ensure that projects are built according to the programme and the project design for things to work successfully.


The Site Operations team is full of various skilled people who work collectively to deliver high quality project builds. It's easy to assume that Site Operation roles are solely for men, however there are more and more women discovering that they can contribute the right qualities and skills to the industry!


To familiarise yourself and spark your interest, hover over some of the Site Operations related roles below:

Project directors have overall responsibility for high level risk management and the successful completion of construction projects. You oversee Project Managers who coordinate site teams, and make sure that work is completed on time and within budget and to a high quality standard.

Project Director

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With the help of your team, you oversee and plan every stage of a build. You ensure the projects are completed safely, within budget. You also oversee work schedules of the site team and delegate tasks to ensure each phase of a build goes to plan.

Construction Project Manager

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You’ll work under Project Managers to organise work on building sites and make sure it’s completed safely, on time and within budget. You coordinate with Architects, Surveyors and Builders to ensure the project is on programme and that there’s enough people, equipment and materials to get the job done.

Site Manager

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For Construction Projects, it's your role to ensure Health & Safety, environmental and quality control regulations are met on-site.

H&S (Health & Safety) Manager

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For building sites, you check standards of workmanship and materials to ensure design specifications for the project are followed. You’ll usually carry out site inspections to verify whether required standards are met.

Clerk of Works

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You inspect the progress on building sites to verify whether building regulations are followed. You ensure that new buildings, alterations, installations and extensions meet the regulatory standards of safety, sustainability, accessibility and design.

Building Control Officer

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You carry out site inspections and keep detailed records as evidence to ensure all company services and activities meet the set standard.

Quality Assurance/Control Manager

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You install, maintain and often design the systems that make buildings safe and comfortable such as water, lighting, heating, air conditioning, lifts, and telecoms. You could be installing or servicing equipment on projects for offices, hospitals or shopping centres etc.

Building Services Engineer

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You create programmes of all the work activities needed on Construction projects. You analyse all site operation activities via a project programme to make sure it’s on schedule. Project Planners work closely with estimators, engineers, surveyors and architects to keep projects on track.

Project Planner

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You ensure that the company’s sustainability strategies are implemented during the build phase of a project. Sustainability strategies usually cover measures for any environmental impact that construction work may have to ensure that the project remains environmentally as possible.

Sustainability Manager

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These are roles you can add to your personal career plan and make a Personal Development Plan (PDP) on how to get there. If you want our help on this, click here!


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