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Site Investigation
Related Roles

These roles help to assess whether a project site is suitable for build. This is vital as site investigations inform the client on potential site constraints that may affect the project's design.

Construction Site

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You identify and protect remains and artefacts on construction sites. You’re usually involved during the planning stage and can perform initial research and digs before construction work starts.


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Pre-Construction, Technical & Design, Site Operations, Trades, Commercial and Business Operations.

For project sites, you conduct assessments to identify any impact it may have on surrounding animals and plants. Following this assessment, you advise the design team on how best to accommodate the natural habitat.


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You collect and analyse geological data samples from rock, soil, water and other earth materials before a major project. This analysis helps engineers decide on materials for the structure’s foundation and overall design.

Geotechnical Engineer

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You’ll deal with the testing, treatment and removal of contamination from soil and groundwater. You work closely with the geotechnician’s data to create action plans that clean up sites affected by identified substances. This ensures that the site is safe for use.

Remediation Specialist

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You analyse the condition of drainage systems with a camera system that records video footage and captures other useful data. With any problems shown, you’ll provide advice on how to resolve the problem.

CCTV Surveyor

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You identify the location of underground utilities, such as water, drainage, gas, electric and telecoms. Your assessment is vital for the client and design team to determine the outcome of the rest of the project.

Utility Surveyor

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