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Related Roles

The Technical department acts as a primary focal point for a housing developer in providing practical, cost-effective and also an aesthetically desirable product. The department provides a technical involvement in the initial pre-purchase site evaluations; the preparation and submission of planning applications; both engineering and architectural designs; and a continuing involvement in projects right through to their final completion, including the handover of roads, sewers and communal open spaces. To put it simply, the department is involved in all the company’s developments from inception through to completion.

House builders employ a range of specialists in their Technical department. These include design engineers, technical managers, civil engineers, engineering managers and architectural technicians. Individuals employed in these positions will normally have appropriate academic and professional qualifications.


Related Roles

The stages of a project can be costly and time-consuming. From start to finish there are a huge amount of resources whether that be people's time or material resources that need to be coordinated. Commercial related roles manage the financial elements of a project to ensure they remain financially profitable and financially stable.


Construction projects have to be completed on time and to budget so most companies will assess beforehand the cost of materials and other site associated build costs. To do this, they employ a range of technical specialists such as estimators, buyers and surveyors.


To familiarise yourself and spark your interest, hover over some of the Commercial related roles below:

It's your responsibility get all the materials needed for building projects, ensuring they are provided on time and within allocated budgets. 


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You oversee projects and monitor plans to ensure deadlines are met and that the company keeps on top of all the costs involved in the construction project. You also source the services and resources needed and negotiate costs with other suppliers.

Commercial Manager

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These are roles you can add to your personal career plan and make a Personal Development Plan (PDP) on how to get there. If you want our help on this, click here!


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You manage the purchases of all necessary materials for the build phase of a project to ensure they arrive on time. You also search for the most cost-effective and appropriate materials for a project. 

Procurement Manager

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You calculate how much a project will cost considering labour, material and equipment requirements. You obtain quotes from suppliers and subcontractors to understand the project cost and you use this information to create detailed project cost proposals.


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You control costs for projects and are involved at every stage of the project to ensure legal and quality standards compliance. Whatever the type of project, clients rely on your evaluations to ensure that the final outcome is value for money.

Quantity Surveyor

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You monitor and document money that comes in and out of a company, prepare financial records to present for audit, deal with staff wages, and oversee tax & VAT submissions.


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You provide estimates and advice regarding the cost of construction works directly to a client.

Cost Consultant

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