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SME's and Larger Corporate Companies

Sponsorships enable us to provide continuous opportunities and support to our ever growing network of young diverse women. With your help, we can continue to deliver our activities, products and events for young women.

Our sponsors are industry related and non-related businesses who believe in our mission and want to help us fulfil it. To choose a Sponsorship package for your Business, contact us below! 


Aside from our packages, you can sponsor a prize for competitions we hold and offer a product/service discounts for our vast community network of women!

Carrying Big Gift Box

Support our Giveaways!

We always aim to support our Community Network of diverse young women through many ways - giveaways are just 1 ! If you'll like to provide or sponsor resources or experiences such as books, event tickets, masterclass tickets, design software's, skills courses, equipment, building/venue tours & more:

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