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Behind the Site: Non-technical roles which are just as important in the Industry

Faye Dolan, National Framework Manager at Procure Partnerships Framework

Liverpool, UK.

There is an abundance of stories and articles about project progress once on site and how all of the different roles on site come to be and what their roles are, however have you ever thought about how everyone got there?

"Behind the scenes there are a considerable amount of teams responsible for numerous tasks including making sure that the project is correctly funded, the design is developed appropriately, the project is de-risked and value engineered where needed and the correct subcontractor partners are selected."

One aspect of construction that is often not shouted about, or celebrated, is all of the work that goes on before a spade even hits the ground in pre-construction. A large piece of the pre-construction puzzle is procurement which is essentially the process of buying goods, services and human resources to complete a project. Procurement is a present theme throughout the preconstruction process right from inception when clients are procuring consultants to advise on project development, all the way to the main contractor who will then procure the subcontractor trades that will be boots on the ground, delivering the projects.

Procure Partnerships Framework predominantly support public sector organizations to compliantly procure the main contractor partner to deliver their capital projects – we act as the facilitator for the principal contractor’s appointment with the public sector client. There is a rigorous tendering process for main contractors to get appointed. Bid teams and preconstruction specialists work intensely to secure pipeline projects and get projects through the design (pre-construction stage and on to site).

My personal day to day role at Procure Partnerships Framework includes engaging with prospective Framework Users and our supplier partners to assess which projects are likely to come out to tender, liaising with Framework users advising on procurement options available as well as giving insight into current market conditions.

I am also involved with projects once a successful supplier has been selected to ensure that the project runs smoothly on site and that the supplier performs as promised at bid stage. My wider responsibilities include supporting our marketing team and providing potential Framework Users with upskilling workshops and opportunities to share best practice amongst peers.

Some of my favourite projects that Procure Partnerships Framework have supported include the Intermediate Care Unit at Salford Royal NHS, Bingham Leisure Centre with Rushcliffe Borough Council, and The Coal Shed Creative Hub with The University of Bristol.

So how can you get involved in the world of pre-construction and procurement? Many of the peers that I work alongside have entered their roles via a myriad of routes including qualifications in English Literature, Marketing, even teaching backgrounds! Roles are continuously advertised in an array of ways including on companies’ websites, social media accounts and on recruitment websites such as Indeed – Simply search keywords such as ‘Bid Assistant/Manager’ or ‘Construction Procurement’.

If you’d like a little more information on how Procure Partnerships works in practice, let me know!

Instagram: @fayedolann

LinkedIn: Faye Dolan

Website: We support public sector bodies to compliantly procure their main contractor partners (in a nutshell!)

Check out our website below to find out What construction is, the various roles involved and routes to get there!

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