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From Marketing to Data Intelligence: My Career ‘Under Construction’

By Giulia Papi, Data Intelligence Manager at innDex.

If 2022 has taught me one thing, it is that SO many (good) things can happen in a year.

The last 6 months have resulted into a full circle moment for me: finishing my MSc in Data Science and Machine Learning at UCL, diving head first into my new role as Data Intelligence Manager at innDex, becoming part of the Leadership Team at ZERO Next (there will be more to come about this) and being shortlisted for the Young Marketer of the Year award; being recognised by the industry for my work as Marketing Manager amongst an impressive and refreshing all-female roster of fellow nominees.

That was such a sweet note to end a chapter on, and start a new one! With the experience I gained from working in Marketing I’m now able to bridge the gap between the technical side of things and the client side, merging the two to help our customers understand all the data generated through the use of innDex. As a construction technology business, our aim is to make use of the 96% of data which is currently seen as a by product and gets wasted by the construction industry. In simple terms - I’m the reader of their present, and their eye into the future.

Data is my gateway into that view, and although our industry is innovating and progressing faster than ever, I feel there is still a lack of representation of the importance of data and the role it plays in building out our future (literally).

The first thought that comes to mind when you hear “Machine Learning” is of a highly technical and non-human approach. The truth is that all these tools we initially fear, but have learned to love (take ChatGPT as an example) it couldn’t have been created or implemented without Machine Learning in the first place. Instead of taking humans out of the equation, Machine Learning and Data Science aid Project Managers, Supervisors, everyone involved in a project. Helping with monitoring work progress, assessing the risks involved, notifying the managers and supervisors of critical issues, improving design and planning activities, and ultimately deriving informed predictions for a more streamlined workflow.

My primary focus now is implementing Predictive Analytics to improve Health & Safety processes on-site. The biggest asset our industry has is its people, and their safety and wellbeing should always be a priority. By analysing data from previous projects, we can identify potential hazards and develop solutions to avoid them in the future, and this is a crucial step towards creating a safer working environment for our workforce.

Put into practical terms, I’m working on creating one model which will contain all project information to predict Accident Frequency Rates (AFRs). Parametric estimates are predictive analytics and historical accident data is being used to predict future likelihood of incidents happening and the relative risks related to them, but also the potential savings associated to incident prevention. The model mixes linear regression and decision trees and is trained with data from past projects to make accurate forecasts for future projects. I’m very passionate about the field and I really believe that this could contribute in elevating the construction industry, by using these forecasting models to create data-backed decisions, the value and trust for clients is vastly improved. In such a competitive industry, this added value can help them stay ahead of the curve.

I'm proud to be a part of a company that is shaping the future of Construction through tech, and on that note I want to highlight the importance of offsite roles in our industry as well. As someone who started off in Marketing and then moved towards Product, I can attest to the fact that there are so many opportunities to make an impact without ever stepping foot on site.

Off-site roles are just as essential to the success of a project as on-site roles. Whether it's designing, planning, or analysing data, every role plays a critical part in delivering a successful and efficient project. And as a woman in the industry, I want to encourage others to pursue their interests and make their mark in construction, whether that’s on or off-site.

Our industry is evolving rapidly, and there's never been a better time to get involved!

Instagram: @therealgiuliapapi

LinkedIn: Giulia Papi

Website: innDex

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