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Work Experience

way into the Industry

Whilst qualifications are important, work experience shows employers that you can put your knowledge into practice and have developed other important skills such as team work, reliability, communication, and logical thinking. 

Work experience can also help you get a feel for a job you’re interested in.  Depending on your interests, you could be shadowing expert carpenters, plumbers, managers, engineers, administrators, surveyors or others from a range of onsite and offsite professions.

Who is it for?

Anyone can apply for work experience, no matter what stage of their career they’re at. Placements are usually aimed at those who lack experience in a particular area or  want to see what a role is really like before deciding whether it’s for them. Work experience of any type will allow you to put some of your training into practice and will help you develop skills such as communication and working with others which are vital in the world of work.

What happens after my work experience? 

Once your work experience is over, the company providing the opportunity may recommend you apply for a vacancy in their company or they might be able to give you a reference to help you gain a job elsewhere.

If you are still studying, you can add your work experience to your CV when you start to look for work or further educational opportunities. University and college tutors will look favourably on work experience, weekend jobs and volunteering and may ask you about it in an interview, whether it’s specific to your studies or not.

Of course, you may have discovered that the role you experienced is not for you, in which case you could look for another placement that you feel could be a better fit. Work experience doesn’t commit you to anything and, through it, you can keep building your skills and understanding of work.

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